BANKROM Bank Statement Transfer Software features;

* The program records the statements you receive from the bank Logo goplus, go3.0, tiger plus, tiger enterprise, tiger 3 series, micro and netsis all series of commercial accounting programs automatically deducts data as the receipt slip.
* Our program is currently 100% integrated with Yapı Kredi Bank, Teb Bank, Halk Bank and Is Bank. We provide integration according to the banks you work for.
* Data transfer is very practical and has the simplest and easiest to use.
* We integrate the integration of the banks that have not been integrated into your program and you need to work quickly into your system..

Why Use?

* Practical and accessible screens. 
* Not to enter thousands of records one by one manually. 
* To save time.

In addition to the existing modules, we offer solutions to your needs by integrating the demands and requests of our esteemed customers into the modular system.

With our experienced sales team, we visit you on-site and analyze your needs. As a result of this analysis, we shape the modular structure of our programs for you.

We are always with you for your product training and technical support requests with our after sales professional support team.