Romsis Bulut

We call Cloud Computing (Cloud Computing), the whole of the services that you can easily access to this information, data and programs through your devices in any environment where you are connected to the internet and storing all your applications, programs and data on a virtual server in the cloud.

Romsis Business Solutions  In the last quarter of 2015, our R & D efforts on cloud technologies were increased by 95%, aiming to provide better quality cloud service to our customers and offering cloud solutions in UFT standards. Romsis Bulut Technologies has reached 813 customers before the end of the first quarter of 2016. We increase our service quality every day with our R & D studies. From the first day of our Romsis Cloud service, our goal is to provide world class quality cloud service and thanks to your interest in choosing us for this purpose. 

Neden Romsis Bulut ?
  • We eliminate hardware and software costs.
  • We provide fast data flow.
  • We provide access to your data wherever there is internet whenever you want.
  • With its broadband structure, we provide three continuous operation with high data.