Romsis Caffee Stories Cafe Restaurant Software

Quick and Easy to Install

Cafe Restaurant Software

Addition; It is a simple and easy to use cloud based POS system that you can manage your cafe and restaurant operations from any device.

You will learn the program without any difficulty with its simple and simple interface. You'll be able to do all your work from a single panel without being stuck in details.

By defining the feature you want, nothing will be a problem for you anymore!

Romsis Chef Restaurant software product details:

1. Romsis Chef management platform;

  • Shop / Restaurant description.
  • Store seating plan definition.
  • User and terminal definition.
  • Inventory, barcode and SKT (expiry date) management.
  • Customer management.
  • Production and Cost management.
  • Cash and Pos (Bank Pos) management.
  • Food check / management.
  • Food basket management.

2. Romsis Chef main cashier management;

  • Table opening, Table closing.
  • Order entry, order closing.
  • Assign order sequence number.
  • Partial and / or single table collection management.
  • Table to table account transfer.
  • Credit card / POS / cash segmented collection management.
  • Daily cash report.
  • Sales report on daily table basis.
  • Daily cash / credit card / food check basis sales report.
  • Weekly sales turnover report.
  • Monthly sales turnover report.

3. Common Pos-Pc ordering unit.

  • Access by swiping with personnel password / defined personnel card.
  • Table on / off table.
  • Order waiting / cancellation.
  • Assign order sequence number.
  • Table merge.
  • Single table calculator partition.

4. Customer tracking screen;

  • Assign sequence number to entered sales orders.
  • Notification when the common point, or viewing common screen, is in order.
  • Approval from kitchen screen, transfer of approval to customer tablet or information screen.

5. Waiter ordering system PDA;

  • Table selection and order creation.
  • Loyalty by login / phone number.
  • Sending your order to the kitchen.
  • Order closure, sending to the vault.
  • Merge Table Account.
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