Romsis Hızlı Satış Yazılımı


Romsis Quick Sales Software is a mobile sales software where sales are made easily and easily within the handheld terminal. Parametric management reporting analysis processes can be carried out quickly with the application plug-in on Windows desktop and web platforms. When requested, it is integrated into the commercial accounting programs used by our customers.

Some Key Features of Romsis Fast Selling Software 
* Practical sales screens for fast sales. 
* To see how many and what price the product was sold to the last customer. 
* Ability to control instant stock quantities and sales prices. 
* To see the average and last defined purchase price for the products. 
* Easy to use with fast stock and current search options.

After the project we made, we make analysis according to the needs of our customers. After the analysis, we develop the software that our customer will use according to the way our customers do business. After we finish developing the software, we do our tests with our customer. In other words, we make our development customer oriented. We support technical problems with our after-sales support team.

Some Customers Using Our Romsis Fast Sales Software 
* Uğurlar Plastik  ( İstoç İstanbul / Turkey )
* Güler Anahtar ( Mahmutbey İstanbul / Turkey )
* Yasemin Oyuncak ( Eminönü - Fatih İstanbul / Turkey )
* Ertan Gıda ( Sarıyer İstanbul / Turkey ) 
* Gamze Çuval ( İkitelli İstanbul / Turkey ) 
* Erişim Pompa ( İkitelli İstanbul / Turkey )