Romsis Lojistik


Our Romsis Logistics software is integrated with our Romsis Warehouse software. It can be integrated with Romsis Retail software if requested.

With our Romsis Logistics application, companies can manage the stock and warehouse actions of all companies within their organization. If the related group company has stores, it also manages the inventory movements of these stores.

For the group companies, the company informs the logistics of the demands on behalf of the logistics related companies, the control of the acceptance of the goods and the distribution of the stocks to the warehouses according to the shelf addresses and the collection of the materials at the shelf addresses ensures the shipment process. Sending the purchase and sale transactions between the warehouses of the companies performs operations such as addressing the warehouses, barcoding of shelves.

Meeting the product demands from the stores and sending them to the stores provides the acceptance of the control of the products from the stores.

The Group ensures the shipment of products and control between companies and stores.

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Some Customers Using Our Romsis Logistics Software
* Azbook  ( Baku Azerbaycan )
* Azhobco ( Baku Azerbaycan  )
* Teas Press ( Baku Azerbaycan )
* Libraff ( Baku Azerbaycan )
* Dorut Mak ( Gebze Kocaeli Turkey )
* Arayra ( İkitelli Turkey )
* Parajzi ( İkitelli Turkey )

As Romsis software, we share the full list of all our references with our customers during the bidding phase.