Romsis Printing Work Order Tracking Web Software


Romsis Printing Web Software in Brief?

* Web-based software. Whether you want to use your mobile phone or computer by entering the system at the location you want.

* The users who will use the system can be defined.

* Excel or manually held work orders are now processed on a regular basis at any time anywhere in the desired record offers the opportunity to reach in a short time.

* It ensures that the works performed are recorded and stored according to the work orders and reports are received in a short time. Briefly, the transactions made through the system are as follows.

After logging in from the User Actions area on the left User definitions can be made. With the fields marked, User can be added or user can be revised. If the user is requested to have Admin Authorization, the admin flag should be selected (see all user passwords, user identifications, etc.) Active Mi flag (should be used when user wants to be disabled) In the middle area, the card type can be selected from the predetermined card types and the card insertion process or revision process can be provided for the card in the related line. Below is the screen where we display the work orders. .For marked fields respectively

1-Adding a Work Order.

2-Ability to update related work orders.

3-To be able to print out the relevant work order.

Operations can be done.

Work order For title information;

Invoice No, Name of Job, Shipment, Description, Company (will be selected among the companies defined before), company details etc.

If an external sequence is required for the job steps, click the buton SORT numara button (1) and enter the number for the relevant job steps from the pop-up window.

After the sorting process is finished, we continue our work order operations with kaydet save order ”.



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With the help of such buttons we are entering business steps into our work order. When we click the button, the window below will open.


After selecting the line you want from the window that opens‘SATIR EKLE’ It should be used.

If the searched product (material, etc.) has not been defined previously, its description can be written in the box below and added to the list in a way that can be selected with the save button.

If you want, you can add multiple lines with the same button. Left “sil”button related line can be deleted. In the Layer field, a description of the relevant line, the amount of the layer can be entered. Üretim field (supplier, subcontractor) can be selected with the small yellow button below. If the definition has not been made before, an explanation can be entered in the relevant box and the registration process can be made.

After the lines of the work order are added in this way, KAYDET Press the button to end the work order registration.

Footnote: On the far left, after entering the work order, it can be entered as work order editing and the related line can be edited as DONE / NOT DONE.

AFTER THIS ACTION (done / not done)




Some Customers Using Our Romsis Logistics Software
* Mare Matbaa  ( İstanbul Türkiye )
* PiryPinkBal ( İzmir Türkiye  )
* Tolary Creative ( İzmir Türkiye )

    As Romsis software, we share the full list of all our references with our customers during the bidding phase.