Romsis Chef QR Menu


Romsis Chef QR Menu Software features;

With the pandemic period, serious changes occurred in the work flow processes of cafes and restaurants like all businesses. As Romsis software, we ensure that cafes and restaurants adapt better with the new software we have developed for these changes. In this context, Romsis Chef QR Menu uploads the cafes and restaurants table order and menus to our system. Customers who come to the location download our Romsis QR Menu application on their mobile devices with Android and Ios operating system, read the table barcode and automatically place the order in the kitchen and safe.

Infectious Disease Prevention: Thanks to our application, the spread of infectious diseases is prevented by reducing the possibility of close contact between the customer and the restaurant staff.

Cloud Technology: You can manage by logging into our system anytime and anywhere and get your reports.

Usage: We offer easy usage, access to your data and reporting at any time.

Cost / Menu: We save cafes and restaurants from the cost of printing paper and provide the prestigious digital menu.

Ios, Android and Windows Support: Incoming customers download our application on their mobile devices, read the table barcode, select the menu and place an order.

Automatic Order Creation: Customers automatically place orders on the menu they choose with the table barcode they read through our mobile software.

Creating a Table Specific to Your Business: You can easily create your table specific to your business on the cloud system or you can automatically create it with excel.