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Briefly Romsis Academy?

Corporate and SME enterprises in all categories, especially in Turkey; Changing legal processes and standards, New technologies and new ways of doing business brought about by competitive conditions, Transforming academic / theoretical concepts into business practices and improving business processes, They need continuous, regular trainings, information seminars and meetings in order to maintain their competitiveness in learning and evaluating the products and services that are newly introduced into the market and offered for use by businesses.

In the light of this purpose, we continue to create added value by organizing continuous training activities as Romsis Academy.

Our Training Channel Romsis Academy TV

Romsis Academy TV

Romsis Software Support Service


Support and training services for Romsis users are provided by Romsis Academy and Authorized Romsis Partners. These services, which are offered to develop solutions to the problems and needs occurring in the information infrastructures of the users, are applied in a wide range including Project Consultancy, User Training, Remote Connection, On-Site Support, Tele-Support, Data Maintenance and Network and Database Consultancy.

Tele-Support Service

Romsis Tele-Support service, which includes telephone support for Romsis solutions, is provided by Technical Support Specialists for Romsis users and Romsis Partners. Except Saturday and Sunday, other days are applied between 09.00-19.00. Romsis users can receive telephone support from Center by signing the Tele-Support Agreement. For detailed information, you can call +90 (212) 210 55 24.


What is Rom License? Why should I buy it?


Rom is a license, in other words, software insurance and is offered to customers by Romsis software for the purpose of using the brand. It is offered free of charge in the first year with Romsis software products with ROM license.  

It must be renewed every year within the following years. If it is not renewed, ROM licenses that were not obtained in the previous years must be obtained retrospectively in the following cases.

1. The software insurance and trademark usage fee purchased for Romsis brand products every year.

2. You must have an up-to-date ROM license to obtain current versions of Romsis software products used.

3. Integration sets are mandatory for continuity.

4. It is imperative to obtain a Rom license before re-installation, usage support or database usage issues before necessary intervention.

5. For customers who use Romsis products without renewing the annual maintenance agreement, Rom license fee is collected before any necessary support, version update or data related requests are given before necessary support is given.


Rom is a license software insurance for our customers using Romsis software products. Keeping the software up-to-date with Gincel versions is very important for healthier and more practical use.

As Romsis software, we try to keep our software at world standards and make our developments using the most up-to-date technologies. We ensure the continuity of this experience by ensuring that our customers use Romsis products on a global scale.

Database and System Consulting

These are technical support and consultancy services provided by Network and Database Experts that cover all the infrastructure components that the system runs as a whole, in order to ensure that Romsis products operate in accordance with general and enterprise specific performance criteria.