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Romsis Bolt Sales Tracking Software


Our Romsis bolt software is software that allows companies selling retail and wholesale bolts to control bolt sales. Our software logo works fully integrated with many commercial software brand products, especially micro. Do your product sales in bulk or individually, you do your sales control smoothly. From our related commercial software, we can realize the products and current in the parameter section within the program in a short time. You can define and connect to multiple scales. There is no balance restriction. Our software allows multiple sales representatives to use the program simultaneously. Before the sales representative closes the screen on which he is selling, another user takes his own panel and continues to operate on the same software. There is no data loss.

Some products in the bolt sector are sold by counting and weighing individually. Our software takes the weight that a product is weighed on the scale and calculates the weight of the desired quantity, so that the sales representative continues to put the product on the scale until it reaches the required weight. Thus, our system prevents them from selling faulty and wrong products. You can call the products to the sales screen either individually or by weighing them. If the products have defined barcodes, you can read the barcodes and call them to the sales screen and sell them. Our software, together with the error warning messages, prevents the sales representative from adding incorrect sales to the system. Our Romsis bolt software is very easy to use and provides a simple usage with its simple sales screen.