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Romsis Cloud Warehouse Counting Software


Cloud Web Based Independent Warehouse Counting Software

With our Romsis Cloud Warehouse Count software, our customers count their warehouses either to their own staff or to independent counting companies in certain periods. "Those in the warehouse counted the wrong goods again, the count in the warehouse is wrong again." By analyzing the census data received from Romsis at the end of the census with the reports, it creates both an accounting record in the commercial programs of the users and the analysis of the censuses.

Our software works from the web. You can get your reports by connecting wherever you want without any time limit.

You can count using Windows and Android handheld terminals. Our software works successfully on windows and android operating systems. print your warehouses seamlessly with windows or android handheld terminals, enter the management screen from the web and evaluate the counting results with reports. You can count and manage your time and place independently from wherever you want.

To whom it May concern ; If you have started to use the following sentences very frequently, you are not yet using Romsis Software web based counting software;

  • “Oh! They forgot to count this product as well. ”
  • “Oh! Again, they counted this shelf twice. ”
  • "We couldn't complete the warehouse count again."
  • "Warehouse count results were wrong again."
  • "You couldn't perform an accurate warehouse count again."

Our customers using Romsis stock and warehouse software;

Romsis can access its data from anywhere, anytime with web based counting software.

You can transfer the products to be counted to our software either individually or with excel.

Can design labels for product and lot barcodes of these transferred products.

You can easily print the label designs from the printer you want.

Romsis can start counting by entering the web-based counting software.

Runs Romsis Cloud Count software on the handheld terminal.

After logging in with the handheld terminal, it enters the count started and counts its products quickly and easily.

After the count is over, it says close the count and ends the count.

The warehouse manager enters the Romsis Web Count Software and receives the count results reports, and also analyzes them by comparing the historical counts with the comparative analysis reports.

Romsis Cloud count software is web based.

It is known to be easily integrated with the commercial accounting programs you are using.

Some Customers Using Our Romsis Cloud Warehouse Counting Software

* Flormar Kozmetik ( İstanbul Türkiye )

* Polyplex ( Tekirdağ Türkiye )

As Romsis software, we share the full list of all our references with our customers during the bidding phase.