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Romsis Retail Pro Software


Retail Software

Why is that? Should I use Romsis Retail Software?

  • * Practical and fast data processing ability, time saving opportunity.
  • * Opportunity to work integrated with more than one store, possibility to enter inventory between stores.
  • * Ability to define more than one campaign in sales made in stores with store and region discounts.
  • * Using your loyalty cards defined to the customer comfortably and without errors.
  • * There is full integration with Romsis stock and warehouse management software.
  • * Possibility to provide full control with end of day Z reports.
  • * Transferring the store costs to the center in a way that controls the control.
  • * Possibility to provide full control with end of day Z reports.
  • * Accurate transmission of the cash register assets to the center at the end of the day.
  • * Sales waiting and the opportunity to call the pending sales again and make the sales process from where it left off
  • * Opening the request to the center for the product that is missing from the store via the system and accepting the control of the incoming request with the hand terminal.
  • * Provides inventory and sales control with instant store status screens.
  • * Ideme Collection provides accurate and practical entry of records.

Some Customers Using Our Romsis Retail Pro Software

* Libraff ( Baku- Azerbaycan )

* Aratka ( Maslak-istanbul )

* Trikj ( Bornova - izmir )

As Romsis software, we share the full list of all our references with our customers during the bidding phase.