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Our logo and brand; It has been officially announced on behalf of our company ROMSİS SOFTWARE.

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Our company: It was established on August 26, 2001 by our existing founding partners to provide consultancy services in the software industry and has performed consultancy and implementation tasks in many international and local projects. Established as a software consultancy company in 2001, microsoft nav solution partnership in 2003 sap, logo solution partnership in 2010 produced, licensed and sold software under its own brand in 2010. In 2011, it was opened abroad with its own brand as a fully independent software company. In 2012, it realized its first software export. Romsis Software is now a world brand. In 2016, the R&D unit has grown both as human resources and technology. Activities were carried out to open up to the 2017 American market. 2018 Activities were carried out to establish a sales and marketing office in America and to become a company.

By putting our vision in 2001, the year we were founded, we continue to pursue determination in line with this vision. The main need of our company is to provide maximum benefit to the needs of the stock warehouse and sales area, and to be among the few companies that provide the level of software technologies aimed at facilitating the life of commercial enterprises in our country and in the world. With the aim of being a Turkish company that contributes to these technologies in the world in software technologies and produces value, it is to develop world-class software by developing our software that offers solutions to the needs of the companies with the latest level of technology.

OUR MOTT: We Generate Value

R&D: By investing 65% of its earnings in R&D, our company not only develops and differentiates its products with new technologies, but also develops new products according to customer needs in the field and displays its character as an innovative company. In this context, we make contacts in India, Romania, Ireland, Russia, Azerbaijan, America and Estonia and take the most up-to-date technologies with our partner groups within the framework of mutual sharing and apply them to our products. We would like to point out that the contribution of our research and development unit to innovation, where the role of this research is great, belongs to this unit to a large extent. In the interface designs of our products, we design our products user interfaces by providing a collective cooperation with the support of some of the universities' art sciences and corporate identity experts. We provide a sensible and healthy data flow by using the latest software technologies in the development of the background of our products.

INVESTOR RELATIONS: Since 2012, our company has been partnering with some software companies of various countries that have proven themselves in the world software field. It keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level with its works with its dealers and solution partners both at home and abroad. Our company, which attracted the attention of many foreign investors by 2017, maintains its 100% domestic software company title since it cannot find an investor suitable for its ecosystem and internal manner.

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