Romsis Small Business Yazılımı (Mini Market)

Quick and Easy to Install

Small Business (Mini Market)

Romsis Small Business; With its fast and convenient sales screen, it facilitates the sales transactions of all retail companies. Our practical sales software consists of three sections: cashier menu, quick menu and main menu. You can save frequently sold products in the quick menu section, where you can quickly call up the practical sales screen, which is a cash register menu, and save time. You can pause the sale, recall the pending sale and complete the sale.

Romsis Small Business; you can register single or multiple product sales yaapr and inbound returns. You can get an inventory report instantly between daily or two dates and see your stock instantly.

You can accept goods from your suppliers and control your return processes on a single screen. You can get cash and bank movement reports instantly between two dates daily. You can get weight information automatically in the products that can be exported. You can work with more than one currency.

Some Customers Using Our Romsis Small Business Software
* Ardem Süper Market  ( İstanbul Türkiye )
* Sevgi Market ( İstanbul Türkiye  )

As Romsis software, we share the full list of all our references with our customers during the bidding phase.

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